Could I host my website or mobile application through Pixleus?

"Could you?" -- We recommend it. We offer a suite of amazing features for both our Lite and Premium hosting plans and we are not embarrassed to to show it. We recommend to all Pixleus Clients to just keep the party in-house -- we'll even waive the setup fee if you are hosting a Pixleus product.

Even if we didn't make your website or mobile application you are more than welcome to still use our amazing hosting options for a small setup fee for the migration, of course.

Does Pixleus offer any discounts?

"No discounts?" Who would ever do such a thing? We love to offer discounts to Active Military or Veteran men/women, Police Officers, Firefighters, EMT & EMS, and Students.

Can anyone ever get any of Pixleus' services or products for FREE?!

Yup! All of our Top-Tier Investors, Platinum Partners, and, Non-Profit Organizations that we are interested in working with get a few perks on the house.

If you are interested in becoming a Top-Tier Investor, Platinum Partner, or work with us via your NPO, just shoot us an email and we'll be diligently in touch if we are interested in working with you as well.

I have money! Could I invest in Pixleus?

Who says no to money? We definitely welcome all forms of investments including but not limited to, promissory notes, series funding, and *donations. Whether you want equity, voting rights, pro-rata, 2x, 3x, or not, we are sure we have a plan or tier to fit your needs. Just let know us know what you are willing to bring to the table and we'll let you know what benefits we are willing provide you in return.